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UROLOGY planning Special Womens Health Edition

Posted: December 5, 2019

We are delighted to announce that UROLOGY, The Gold Journal, is planning a Special edition on Women’s Health in Urology, with Guest Editor Una J. Lee, MD.

The purpose of this Special Edition is to raise awareness and educate the urologic community and promote the urologist’s role in the patient-centered care of women. The Special Edition will feature manuscripts on timely and important topics across the spectrum of urology and the lifespan of girls and women. The target audience is all urologists and providers who intersect with urologic health, with broad appeal to those who want to learn more about the current and future state of women’s health.

Please review types of articles under Author Information and submit manuscripts adhering to the Urology submission guidelines via the Elsevier Editorial system. When submitting your manuscript in Editorial Manager, under “Select Article Type” there is a dropdown menu, and please be sure to select “SI: Women’s Health Special Edition” to submit to this Special Edition. Manuscripts will go through the peer review process.

As a general guideline for original research, manuscripts should include an abstract with a maximum of 250 words, have a maximum of 3,000 word text, maximum of 30 references, and maximum of 4 figures.

A full range of topics is encouraged. Consider submitting your manuscripts to this worthwhile endeavor and be a part of this special edition highlighting this important area of health care.

Deadline for all submissions is March 1, 2020.

We invite all trainees selected to present their work at the 2020 SWIU Annual Clinical Mentoring Meeting to submit manuscripts to be considered for publication. The top papers from the 2020 SWIU Annual Clinical Mentoring Meeting will be recognized in this special edition. We look forward to your support and involvement in this opportunity to highlight research by and for women in urology.

Sincerely, Kathleen Kieran, MD, MSc, MME
SWIU President

Brook Brown, MD, MPH
SWIU President-Elect