The Society of Women in Urology


SWIU Issues Statement on Recent Supreme Court Decision Concerning Reproductive Rights

Posted: June 27, 2022

The Society of Women in Urology (SWIU) opposes the Supreme Court decision to limit reproductive freedom by overturning Roe vs. Wade. Furthermore, we condemn government interference in the clinical practice of medicine. Physicians and surgeons must feel free and safe, to practice evidence-based medicine without fear of criminal or civil prosecution.

As a medical professional society with the mission to support the professional advancement of women urologists, encourage public education regarding urology issues, and promote urologic research, we believe it is also our duty to speak about the role medical professional societies must play. This decision and the various “trigger laws” in place in numerous states to ban abortion directly impairs women’s agency to decide when, whether and with whom to have children. This is a decision that will affect their health, education, participation in their community and the economy. Physicians are uniquely privy to the impact of these social determinants of health that will impact women’s lives.

Along with many other health professional organizations we believe that health care is a basic human right, and reproductive health care is fundamental to women’s health. We recognize there are circumstances when carrying a pregnancy to term can have devastating physical, psychological, and social consequences. It is important to acknowledge that this ruling affects all people, but it does not affect all people equally.

Unfortunately, this judgement will advance disparities in access to reproductive healthcare. Decisions about healthcare should be between a patient and their health care provider; we decry the criminalization of healthcare workers who provide essential reproductive health services and of those seeking such procedures for complex and deeply personal reasons.

As Urologists, we are leaders in the field of sexual medicine and fertility. We care for patients of all genders. SWIU supports health equity for ALL.


SWIU Leadership