The Society of Women in Urology


SWIU Leadership Message About Women’s Health

Posted: May 31, 2022

Dear Members of the Society of Women in Urology and fellow Urologist,

SWIU’s mission is to support the professional advancement of women urologists, encourage public education regarding urologic issues, and promote urologic research.

Along with many other health professional organizations we believe that health care is a human right, and that reproductive health care is fundamental to women’s health. We recognize there are circumstances when carrying a pregnancy to term can have devastating physical, psychological, and social consequences. Decisions about healthcare should be between a patient and their health care provider; we decry the criminalization of healthcare workers who provide essential reproductive health services and of those seeking such procedures for complex and deeply personal reasons.

As health professionals we care for all genders and are women ourselves. We stand on the side of health equity for all women. We urge government to support the Women’s Health Protection Act (S. 4132) for our patients and future generations of women in this country.


SWIU Leadership