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Dr. Sutherland Coordinates First Ever All Female Panel for the Conference on Prostate Cancer

Posted: October 4, 2019

As a Past President of SWIU (Society of Women in Urology) I am writing to make you aware of a program I (on behalf of SWIU) have been working on — the FIRST EVER ALL FEMALE PANEL for a Conference on Prostate Cancer.

The main organizer is Malecare, a national supportive organization for men with prostate cancer. The event will be Saturday, October 5th, 2019, in Manhattan.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to showcase the expertise of some of our female GU Oncologists, Reconstructive Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Researchers and other clinical providers during this all-day SOLD OUT event!

A Philadelphia radio interview includes a segment (approx. 14:45 – 19:20) about this conference and includes thoughts around WHY a man may want a woman as their GU oncologist:

Listen to the Interview

— Dr. Suzette Sutherland