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Dolores Lamb, PhD will receive the 2019 Christina Manthos Mentoring Award

Posted: February 8, 2019

Dr. Dolores Lamb will receive the 2019 Christina Manthos Mentoring Award during the SWIU Networking Reception at the AUA on May 4, 2019 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Jackson CD @ Hyatt Regency McCormick in Chicago. The number of people who Dr Lamb has mentored is impressive. Here are excerpts from 3 of the recommendation letters received with her nomination by Dr. Rose Khavari at Houston Methodist.

Rose Khavari, MD, Houston Methodist

“Dr. Lamb is a superlative mentor who has trained over 65 fellows, 9 of whom are now chairs in urology in the United States and beyond. Many others are division heads and leaders in the field.. Collectively, Dr. Lamb’s former trainees comprise at least 25% of specialists in the field of male infertility and a high portion of pediatric urology and general urology. As a result of the large network of urologists and researchers that Dr. Lamb has trained, the landscape of male infertility and developmental urology, and quite possibly urology, has been altered for the better, and the quality of the science and clinical care of urology continue to grow stronger because of the national and international community she has built and fostered. The closeness among us, the mentees and trainees that Dr. Lamb has engendered by being a role model for continued communication, collaboration, and teamwork has both individually and collectively served us all. Whether we are just getting started in our careers, or are senior faculty members, administrators or chair people, we can count on Dr. Lamb as a sounding board and for sound advice; this is a rare quality among mentors.

In short, Dr. Lamb is easily one of our most influential mentors for women in Urology (from undergraduate level all the way to faculty well beyond medical school and residency), having been foundational in our nascent creative efforts as trainees, and now providing us tools for success and support even after our training is completed. For many of us, myself included who are capable physicians and scientists, without Dr. Lamb’s efforts and tutelage, we would lack the collaborative mentality and critical mass to collectively impact our field to the degree that we are able to. I know that I owe this success to her. Without her, I would not have the community that I belong to, as colleagues and friends, that so powerfully impacts us and our work; I know that I am not alone and I know who to turn to because of her. Dolores Lamb has been an Outstanding Mentor for many women (and men) in Urology and she justly deserves this award.”

Kathleen Hwang, MD, Rhode Island Hospital

“Our first meeting was during the fellowship interview and what should have been a short conversation turned into a 3 hour talk on all of her current projects in the lab and all I can remember is how shocked I was at my own peaked interest. I found just about all of her projects amazingly translational with such clinical relevance that I remember thinking that I wanted to be able to take questions from the clinic and answer them in the lab. The meeting was profoundly inspiring and that was the turning point for my career. She inspired me and has fully supported my career as a surgeon-scientist for the past decade.

She is an excellent mentor and educator. Since finishing fellowship in 2011, Dorrie and I have spoken on a regular basis as frequently as every 2 weeks. This further exemplifies the caliber of mentor that she really is. She is a once in a lifetime and once in a career kind of mentor. She has prioritized my own success and has always advocated for me as a woman is a highly male dominated field in every way she possibly can. The most amazing aspect of her mentorship skills is that I’m not the only one. She has impacted dozens of careers and has a growing list of former mentees that are now chairs of departments across the globe. She has been an inspiration and has set the bar for how I want to be as a mentor to young trainees.”

Julie Stewart, MD, Houston Methodist

“I am delighted and honored to nominate Dr. Dolores Lamb for the Christina Manthos Mentoring Award. I have known Dorrie for over ten years and she has played an instrumental role in shaping my career in urology. Prior to working in Dorrie’s lab for one year as a fourth year urology resident, I had admired her from afar. Being an extremely accomplished researcher and professor in the Department of Urology and the director of one of the most busy and successful clinical laboratories in male reproductive research and testing, I assumed that this powerful and busy lady would be difficult to approach and form a relationship with. I was clearly wrong. The minute I approached her asking to work with her for my research year, she welcomed me with open arms. Throughout the years, despite her busy schedule and traveling, she was always accessible and open to questions and teaching. She not only guided me through my research but showed a selfless desire to further my career as an urologist. She continuously pushed me to explore opportunities that I would never have contemplated on my own. She opened doors for me and helped me network in the field. I see this as a true skill of mentoring. She is a champion of her trainee’s cause. Dorrie has mentored over 100 fellows, residents, and students and her desire to see all of these trainees succeed in their endeavors is apparent. She takes great pride in her “family” of urologists.

I also see a true mentor as someone whom I would like to emulate in my own life and career. Dorrie is this person. She is a master of her craft, driven and one of the most hard-working individuals I know. Despite this, she is so down to earth, caring and compassionate. She also is a fun-loving person and ensured that along the way throughout all the hard work we were always enjoying ourselves. Dorrie also ensured that our relationship was a two-way street. I had to come to the table with ideas, projects and contributions. She encouraged this as she was not there to just give. She had expectations and this encouraged a stronger relationship and made me a better clinician.”