The Society of Women in Urology

SWIU at the AUA Sections

SWIU at the AUA Sections

2022 – 2023

Kate Amin, MD, Chair; Anne Suskind, MD, Mentor; Gina Badalato, MD; Cara Cimmino, MD; Teresa Danforth, MD; Ekene Enemchukwu, MD; Stephanie Hanchuk, MD; Susan MacDonald, MD; Danica May, MD; Susanne Quallich, MD; Courtney Rowe, MD; Mary Soyster, MD; Elizabeth Takacs, MD

The goal of this task force is to increase the presence of SWIU at the AUA Sections and connect more women urologists to SWIU during annual sectional meetings. SWIU would ideally identify core ambassadors to serve as leads to liaise with AUA Section leadership, professional society management, and Section meeting chairs to ensure AUA Sections are supporting women urologists.

SWIU events, in collaboration with Boston Scientific, were held during Spring 2023 at the Southeastern Section and New York Section. Looks for similar events at the other 6 Sections later in 2023.