The Society of Women in Urology

Engagement of Women Urologists with Industry

Engagement of Women Urologists with Industry

2021 – 2023

Melissa Kaufman, MD, Chair; Siobhan Hartigan, MD, Mentor

2021 – 2022 Members: Kara Babaian, MD; Grace Biggs, MD; Amy Dobberfuhl, MD; Lin Lin, MD; Amanda Saltzman, MD; Raveen Syan, MD; Kara Watts, MD; Yooni Yi, MD

2022 – 2023 Members: Madeleine Burg, MD; Ramzy Burns, MD; Smita De, MD; Amy Dobberfuhl, MD; Anjali Kapur, MD; Priya Kohli, MD; Poone Shoureshi, MD

This task force continued its efforts undertaken in 2021 with the development of an industry 101 “how to” toolkit. The task force is developing virtual programing to increase the knowledge of women urologists about industry opportunity or process and creating a database of members interested in working with Industry.