The Society of Women in Urology

Corresponding Research

Attitudes among Society of Women in Urology Members Toward Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

June 2023
Chloe E. Peter, MD, Jenney Lee, Sarah K. Holt, PhD, Erika Wolff, PhD, John L. Gore, MD, Casey A. Seideman, MD

The objective of this study is to evaluate attitudes of women in urology regarding the Supreme Court ruling Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, including impacts on personal/professional decision making and the urology workforce.

High Infertility Rates and Pregnancy Complications in Female Physicians Indicate a Need for Culture Change

March 2023
Lai, Krista MD, MHSE; Garvey, Erin M. MD; Velazco, Cristine S. MD, MS; Gill, Manrit BSc; Weidler, Erica M. MEd, MA; van Leeuwen, Kathleen MD; Kim, Eugene S. MD; Rangel, Erika L. MD, MS; Grimsby, Gwen M. MD

This survey study aims to determine the prevalence of pregnancy complications and infertility in female physicians in comparison to the general population. Risk factors, workplace environment, and education are also examined.