The Society of Women in Urology

GOLD Journal

the Official Journal of SWIU

We are thrilled to announce that the GOLD journal is now the official journal of SWIU. SWIU selected Dr. Casey Seideman as the editor and Dr. Gina Badalato the assistant editor, of a new “Women in Urology” section, dedicated to advancing the research of women urologists and women urologic scientists.

The title “Women in Urology” is broad to encompass any urologic research done by women. This is by no means an exhaustive list; research topics can include oncologic, endoscopic, pediatric, reconstructive, male infertility, female urology, transgender surgery, and technology. Articles submitted may also cover healthcare topics related to the female gender or historical topics related to women in urology.

We hope our membership and female colleagues will consider submitting their research first to the “Women in Urology” Section of the GOLD journal.

In addition to SWIU’s editorial presence with the journal, the GOLD journal is now the official journal of SWIU. Due to the relatively small size of our organization and our modest operating budget we could not afford to give SWIU members a complimentary GOLD journal membership. The Journal is offered to SWIU members at a discounted rate. The discount offered is 85% of the regular rate of the Journal as published each calendar year. For 2022, the regular rate is $420 therefore, the 2022 e-only journal discounted Member rate is US $63.00 per Member. The discount will apply throughout the term of the Agreement, beginning January 1, 2023, and be subject to annual price increases.

This affiliation is an important milestone in the history and mission of SWIU to support the professional advancement of women urologists, encourage public education regarding urologic issues and promote urologic research. As part of this affiliation, a representative from the GOLD journal will be invited to our annual winter meeting and given a space for promotional materials related to the GOLD journal.  The journal will receive a semi-annual update of our membership including names and postal and email addresses.

We hope you will consider obtaining a membership to the GOLD journal in order to read what your fellow female urology friends and colleagues are contributing to the advancement of science and the field of Urology.

Finally, we are in much need of female reviewers for the new “Women in Urology” article submissions. Reviewers are typically added to any journal’s list of reviewers by word of mouth or if a urologist has published research in a similar topic to the submitted article.

SWIU’s mission is to expand the pool of reviewers from our membership. We hope you will consider becoming a reviewer if you are a urologic researcher, practicing urologist, urology fellow or resident.