The Society of Women in Urology
is dedicated to promoting Women as Urologists


Member Benefits

If you have questions about applying for membership, the member benefits, or the categories of membership, please contact the SWIU at 847-517-7225 or e-mail us at


The Society of Women in Urology meets annually at a special breakfast held in conjunction with the national meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA). A guest speaker presents on a timely topic for women in medicine and includes scientific and research news, as well as business issues like marketing and managed care. A special meeting just for networking is also held one evening at the AUA meeting. It is an important opportunity to meet SWIU members at an informal gathering and to establish relationships that you will value throughout the year.

SWIU also holds a yearly winter conference for professional development and clinical mentoring. This meeting offers a full scientific program including, in recent years, a hands-on interactive lab experience for all attendees. The meeting also has a strong mentoring focus, forums and discussions designed to help female urologists with their career development.

These meetings present an unmatched opportunity for serious learning as well as networking through meeting new members and welcoming old friends. You’ll also enjoy relaxing at locations that have been selected for their beauty, comfort and amenities.

Membership Directory

One of our favorite member benefits, the directory is updated annually and provides valuable information you can’t get anywhere else. The current member list includes phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses. We also include the subspecialty of each member and whether she accepts referrals.

Mentor Program

Unique to the SWIU, this is a member benefit we are especially proud of. Included in the directory, each physician listed has agreed to answer questions and give opinions and advice in the categories of: Academic & Clinical Issues, Practice Management & Finance, Workplace Issues, Family Issues, Organized Urology & Public Speaking, International Urology, Military Physicians, and issues of particular interest to African-American, Asian, or Latino women. These volunteers are available by phone, fax and e-mail. It’s a special member benefit that only works when you use it.

Elizabeth Pickett Research Award

Funds are available for small research grants for basic science or clinical urologic research. The awards are to continue or supplement a current project or to initiate new study. Applications are reviewed by the SWIU Research Committee and are judged primarily on the scientific merit of the proposal. The awards are for one year.


Published three (3) times a year, the SWIU Newsletter offers a calendar of events, job notices, AUA reports, feature articles from our members, and the President’s Message. Members are encouraged to submit articles of interest. We are also happy to recognize your personal and professional accomplishments in the newsletter. The SWIU NEWSBLAST is a new benefit for SWIU members. An e-mail newsblast provides important, current information for the membership in a short, accessible format.


Networking is a vital and valuable way to gain new knowledge and insight and perhaps make a friend along the way. Through our annual meeting, membership directory, and mentor program, SWIU members have access to the finest minds in women’s urology! Choose a quiet moment for a phone call or attend a meeting where your voice is one of those being heard. We need you! And, we need each other!

Membership Categories


Must be a member in good standing of the American Urological Association. Must have acceptably completed an accredited urologic training program or its equivalent in a foreign country. Or must have acceptably completed an accredited PhD in an allied basic science field and be currently active in urologic research. Active members have voting privileges.


Must be a physician in a related field of medicine and science who cannot qualify for active membership or a non-physician who, by professional or personal accomplishments, has contributed significantly to medicine in general or the specialty of urology in general. Affiliate members may not vote.


Must have graduated from an accredited medical school with receipt of Doctor of Medicine degree or an equivalent degree. Must be enrolled in a resident or fellowship program credentialed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or such similar body in a foreign country or post-doctoral fellows having completed an accredited PhD in an allied basic science field and active in urologic research. Candidate members may not vote.

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