The Society of Women in Urology

SWIU/SBUR Award for Excellence in Urological Research

Award Recipients

  • 2022 Margot Damaser, PhD
  • 2021 Vinata Lokeshwar, PhD
  • 2020 Carolyn Best, PhD
  • 2019 Kerry K. Burnstein, PhD
  • 2018 Cathy L. Mendelsohn, PhD
  • 2017 Susan Kasper, PhD
  • 2016 Donna Peehl, PhD
  • 2015 Karen Knudsen, MD
  • 2014 Diane Robins, PhD
  • 2013 Nancy L. Weigel, PhD
  • 2012 Jill A. Macoska, PhD
  • 2011 Linda Alford Baker, MD
  • 2010 Marianne Sadar, PhD
  • 2009 Gail S. Prins, PhD
  • 2008 Dolores Lamb, PhD
  • 2007 Shuk Mei Ho, PhD
  • 2006 Natasha Kyprianou, MD, PhD

Nominations for this award are accepted by the SBUR, who will nominate two candidates for consideration by the Board of Directors of SWIU, who will make the final decision.

Appropriate candidates are members of SBUR who hold an M.D., a Ph.D. or both and who have a distinguished track record of urological research.

The award winner receives a monetary award and one year free membership to Society of Women in Urology. The winner is also asked to present a brief summary of their accomplishments at the Annual Breakfast Meeting, and is invited to the Women Leaders in Urology Forum and the Networking Reception.

Nominations for the SWIU/SBUR Award for Excellence in Basic Urologic Research are currently being accepted by SBUR. Please be sure to include a brief resume in your nomination. The winner will be notified in April.