The Society of Women in Urology

Jean Fourcroy Leadership Award

Award Recipients

  • 2022 Catherine Rhu DeVries, MD, FACS, FAAP
  • 2018 Linda D. Shortliffe, MD

Jean Fourcroy was a pioneering female physician in the field of urology who helped to establish the Society of Women in Urology in 1980. Dr. Fourcroy’s unwavering perseverance and courage paved the way for women in Urology. As a means of perpetuating the flame of her inspiration and honoring her memory, SWIU established an award to recognize exceptional leadership of women in urology.

Dr. Jean L. Fourcroy was the first woman to be admitted into and to complete the George Washington University (GWU) School of Medicine Department of Urology Residency program. In 1980 she became board-certified in urology, the fifth female physician in the US and the first at GW. Over her long, accomplished career, Dr. Fourcroy held a number of prestigious leadership positions, and received several leadership awards including Woman of the Year by the Women’s Medical Association of New York City, Presidential Citation Award, and Outstanding Service Award from the AUA. SWIU is privileged to be able to offer an award in honor Dr. Fourcroy’s numerous contributions to women physicians and the field of urology.

Candidate Eligibility

Appropriate candidates for this award are women who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership over their career in the field of urology.

Criteria for selection

The SWIU Board of Directors will identify and select award recipients at the Spring Board Meeting and will present the award to the person that best exemplifies the leadership traits that the award intends to encourage:

  • Commitment to the SWIU mission of advancing women in urology
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in the field of urology
  • Role model and/or mentor to others in the field of urology

The award will be presented as worthy individuals are identified. Identifying a candidate annually is not mandatory.

Award Denomination

The winner is presented with a personalized gift at SWIU’s Annual Breakfast Meeting.

Winner Obligations

The winner is invited to attend SWIU’s Annual Breakfast Meeting, where the Award will be presented, and will be given time (approximately 10 minutes) at the podium during the award presentation. The winner is invited to SWIU’s Networking Reception as well.