Christina Manthos Mentoring Award

Award Recipients

  • 2020 Claire C. Yang, MD
  • 2019 Dolores Lamb, PhD
  • 2018 Jennifer T. Anger, MD, MPH
  • 2017 Kurt McCammon, MD
  • 2016 Karyn S. Eilber, MD
  • 2015 Christian Winters, MD
  • 2014 Elizabeth R. Mueller, MD, MS
  • 2013 Lynn H. Banowsky, MD
  • 2012 Deborah R. Erickson, MD
  • 2011 Steven W. Siegel, MD
  • 2010 Donald G. Skinner, MD
  • 2009 Edward J. McGuire, MD
  • 2008 Tamara Bavendam, MD
  • 2007 Michael B. Chancellor, MD
  • 2006 Robert C. Flanigan, MD
  • 2005 Jean L. Fourcroy, MD, PhD
  • 2004 Marguerite C. Lippert, MD
  • 2003 Gloria Susan Massey, MD
  • 2002 Martha K. Terris, MD
  • 2001 Margaret Cate Wolf, MD
  • 2000 Dave McCloud, MD
    Craig Donatucci, MD

Christina Manthos was an extraordinary young urologist whose life and career were sadly curtailed by breast cancer. As a means of perpetuating the flame of her inspiration and honoring her memory, SWIU established an annual award to recognize those men or women who demonstrate extraordinary mentoring skills in supporting the career of a female urologist. SWIU believes that a mentor is an important element in the life of each professional woman and wants to encourage and reward those who set a good example.


Appropriate candidates for this award are men or women who have demonstrated extraordinary mentoring skills to female urologists.


The SWIU Board of Directors reviews the candidates at the Winter Board Meeting and will present the award to the person that best exemplifies the mentoring traits that the award intends to encourage.  Candidates will be considered in subsequent years if they are not selected in the year nominated.


  • Applications will be accepted until December 15, 2020
  • Late submissions will not be reviewed
  • Recipient(s) will be notified of the award by March 1, 2021

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