The Society of Women in Urology

SWIU Use and Endorsement Statement

The Society of Women in Urology (SWIU) expressly forbids use of its name or any graphical representation thereof unless requested by the proposed user and approved by the Executive Board in advance.  Requests to use the SWIU name or associated images, including requests for promotion, support, or endorsement by SWIU, should be directed to the Executive Board in writing. Requests should include a description of the use, duration, audience, and any other relevant information.

The only exceptions to the above are SWIU-created slides promoting the SWIU Annual Meeting at the AUA and the Annual Clinical Mentoring Conference may be utilized without express permission in order to raise awareness of these events.  Contact the SWIU executive office at for a copy of these slides.

A letter from board (view example) will be sent if SWIU’s use and endorsement statement is violated. Potential legal action may be taken if actions escalate.